Why and How You Can Prepare Your Home for Staging

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A well-presented home can be a big asset when your house is on the market. In short: A property has to look the part, whether for an open house or listing photographs. Transforming this space requires a step-by-step approach, but there are tricks to doing it without spending a lot. Below are some tips to guide you in the right direction.
Why Stage?
Staging makes a favorable impression on buyers, and it can potentially add value to your property. Since staging can generate more interest and open house visits, there may be a greater likelihood of meeting your asking price. Don't think you have to spend big, either, as good natural lighting alone can make rooms appear both stylish and spacious. Moreover, by addressing curb appeal, your house can stand out against competitors. Above all, focus on your home's best features, and do what you can to draw the buyer's eyes to them. Making your property marketable is a process, but staging can increase your chances of a quick sale.
Prep Rooms
To depersonalize our houses, we must take a hard look at each room. Does your home office resemble one, or has it been taken over by unrelated stuff? Is your guest bedroom acting as storage for unused possessions? If so, ask yourself what you want a specific room to be. Once you have that set, you can start taking out belongings that create clutter or show too much personality. To do so, you'll want to separate items into two piles: one to keep for staging, and the other to remove. Anything that doesn't make the cut can be given away or stored elsewhere.
Clear Away Surfaces
One major clutter source can be belongings scattered around surfaces. Additionally, there may be appliances in thekitchen that are rarely used. While it's easy to throw away your trash, it can be hard deciding what goods to part with. After all, some may have been gifts, and you might worry about hurting someone’s feelings. Yet, an unused appliance takes up space, and it won't be useful to your open house. So, as a rule, cut anything that hasn't been used in more than a year. If you are unsure about something, consider using self-storage as a temporary home until you're more settled. Thankfully, booking a unit in Glendora, California, will likely only set you back $90, which has been the typical overall price for the past 180 days.
Invest in Curb Appeal
As mentioned, curb appeal can have a difference in how our homes are perceived. At the least, our yards should look healthy, colorful, and well-cared for. Thankfully, making our green space pop can be as effortless as adding planters or a vertical garden; in fact, you could DIY your own by using a shoe organizer or hanging pots from your fence. Of course, color won't hide larger issues, so be sure to prune trees, water the grass weekly, and weed regularly. Similarly, keep your landscape pristine by ridding it of debris, like broken twigs, and avoiding clutter. A well-organized yard is an important first step to curb appeal.
Change Your Layout
Surprisingly, creating a new look for staging can be as simple and free as rearranging furniture. Ultimately, the goal will be to create natural flow by ensuring walkways through rooms are wide enough, and furniture isn’t too close together. Similarly, by not putting pieces against walls, you can also make a room's dimensions seem larger. If a room still doesn't feel right, then it may be necessary to remove some furniture to open up the space. As with clutter, you could use a storage unit to safely house them until you decide their fate. These changes can have a noticeable impact on how rooms appear, particularly once you have decluttered.
We want only a good experience when selling. With a property that looks fantastic, you can increase your odds by making an environment perfect for interested buyers. Selling a property is a big task, but investing in its appearance can reward you.

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Guest article provided by Alice Robertson